The Maison Laure SELIGNAC is a specialist in Embossed gold on porcelain since 1919.

The technique of gold embossed was discovered in 1919 by Jean Larat. He perfected a process which allowed him to deposit the gold in thickness on the porcelain. Over the years the technique is refined and the know-how evolves to adapt to the modernity of our creations but it is still on the same bases today that our craftsmen work this know-how. Recently a new process combines gold leaf with our techniques for ever more innovative materials.

The birth of a piece of art at Laure SELIGNAC

At the start of any porcelain creation, a kaolin-based paste. The techniques then vary according to the objects (modeling, casting, calibration ...), but the objective is to transform the paste to give it a shape that of a white porcelain. The objective is reached after a first firing, a time drying, enamelling baths and a second firing according to ancestral techniques always re-visited.

Then, the painters decorate the white porcelain by depositing color pigments with their expert hands. Each color requires a specific cooking temperature. The colors are therefore fired one after the other according to technical requirements. Each porcelain creation requires between two and dozens of fires. The cooking temperatures are adapted to the color and the material.

Finally netting and personalization are added by hand.

At each stage the porcelain is controlled, and dozens of pieces are destroyed each year because they are discarded at each stage of manufacture. Before shipment to its final destination, the porcelain is still carefully checked.

French know-how recognized by the Ministry

Since 2009, luxury porcelain Laure SELIGNAC has been a member of the “Living Heritage Companies”, a label set up by the French Ministry which promotes companies with particularly renowned expertise.

Today, the house Laure SELIGNAC exports its rare French artisanal know-how all over the world: England, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia....